• Public safety retirees to receive pension increases

    Public safety retirees to receive pension increases

    Cost of living increases will be added to pensions by late July. PSPRS Board votes to support Prop 125, a November referendum to reform CORP and EORP pension increases.

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  • Message to CORP employers

    Message to CORP employers

    All hires after July 1, 2018, are Tier 3 members with new retirement benefits. We have videos, brochures and additional information to help with the transition. 

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  • 50th Anniversary of PSPRS

    50th Anniversary of PSPRS

    On March 14, 1968, PSPRS and a unified retirement system for first-responders were created with the signing of Senate bills 224 and 211. 

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  • New Local Board portal launches

    New Local Board portal launches

    The new portal includes updates to the retirement calculator and access to reports, as well as newly enhanced security measures. 

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  • Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution?

    Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution?

    The choice for retirement benefits for Tier 3 members must be made within 90 days of service and is permanent. Information about each plan is available. 

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Upcoming Board of Trustees Meeting - August 29, 2018

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Open enrollment season is here

Retirees must choose or some could lose coverage.

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Chief investment officer earns consecutive honors

Accolades continue for CIO Ryan Parham and investment team

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October/November financial wellness and PSPRS benefit events

Coconino, Maricopa and Pinal events held by PSF/Galloway

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PSPRS fund realizes 12.5 percent gross returns

Nearly $1 billion generated as trust reaches $9.3 billion

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