• Message to CORP employers

    Message to CORP employers

    The pension plan for most corrections officers is changing July 1, 2018. Those hired on or after that date will be enrolled in a Defined Contribution plan managed by PSPRS.

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  • 50th Anniversary of PSPRS

    50th Anniversary of PSPRS

    On March 14, 1968, PSPRS and a unified retirement system for first-responders were created with the signing of Senate bills 224 and 211. 

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  • New Local Board portal launches

    New Local Board portal launches

    The new portal includes updates to the retirement calculator and access to reports, as well as newly enhanced security measures. 

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  • Should you be worried about recent stock shocks?

    Should you be worried about recent stock shocks?

    Find out how PSPRS works to protect your number one source of retirement security - your pension.

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  • Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution?

    Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution?

    The choice for retirement benefits for Tier 3 members must be made within 90 days of service and is permanent. Information about each plan is available. 

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Upcoming Board of Trustees Meeting - April 25, 2018

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System Updates

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A statement from the chairman of the PSPRS Board of Trustees

We sympathize with the many local governments and entities across Arizona that are struggling to keep up with their public safety retirement expenses. We understand that these rising expenses impact p...

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Hall-Parker refund updates for EORP/PSPRS members

Members and employers can view contribution refund amounts

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Important Hall-Parker updates for employers

PSPRS provides notice of amended contribution refunds and other considerations

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Board of Trustees takes action on Hall-Parker payments

PSPRS to pay PBIs and provide refund amounts

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