About the Plan


The Public Safety/CORP Cancer Insurance Policy Program (CIP) was created and designed to assist Tier 1, 2 or 3 DB/DC Members with the costs that may arise in the event that you are diagnosed with cancer and must undergo treatment.  Eligibility to participate in the CIP is contingent on the following factors:

1)     Your employer must choose to provide coverage in the CIP program.

2)     You must elect to participate in the program and pay the annual premium.  Premiums are set annually by the Board of Trustees with maximum annual premium being set at $180

Coverage as a retiree brings additional requirements.  To learn more, please see our Coverage at Retirement section or Contact Us.

Benefit Highlights

  • $15,000 payment to members with non-skin cancer
  • $500 payment to members with a positive diagnosis of skin cancer
  • Overall lifetime maximum benefit amount of $100,000 per member

For a full listing of the terms of the plan, along with the Schedule of Benefits which provides the Benefit Provisions, Amounts and Limits, refer to the full Plan Description.

To submit a claim for the CIP, you will need to Apply for Benefits. 


Each fiscal year, employers of the CORP have the option to elect to participate in the Public Safety/CORP Cancer Insurance Policy Program (CIP) upon the Terms of the Plan.  If the employer elects to participate, the employer accepts responsibility for the administrative functions of this program, which includes providing an open enrollment period each fiscal year to the eligible and newly hired employees.  The employer is responsible to annually collect and submit to the System the annual premiums on behalf of each employee that elects to participate in the CIP.

For employers electing to participate in the program, an CORP Employer Enrollment Form will need to be completed and returned to the System, along with the enrollment form and the premiums for the employees.

For additional assistance, please Contact Us.