Attention employers - Pension reform payroll changes to come

March 2, 2017

Public Safety Personnel Retirement System
State of Arizona

Updated 3/2/17

Senate Bill 1428, passed by the legislature in 2016, becomes effective on July 1, 2017, and requires PSPRS to collect additional information each pay period in order to comply with the new provisions.
PSPRS also needs additional information in order to comply with new pension accounting and auditing requirements issued over the past few years. Therefore, effective July 1, 2017, payroll files submitted to PSPRS each pay period will need to include new data elements. Additionally, PSPRS will require employers to document information each pay period for members who are on employment leave without pay to better track credited service.

We have drafted and attached for your review and comment a document containing the new data elements, a description of the improved submission process and a sample file layout with an explanation of all data elements to be submitted.  We have also attached to this email the sample file in file format. We welcome a chance to discuss these documents with you and others from your organization.

In the next few weeks PSPRS will conduct a webinar to discuss and answer questions about the revised data elements and payroll submission process.

In the late March/early April timeframe, PSPRS will provide training on the use of the updated PSPRS Payroll Website, and have a test payroll website available for employer use.

Please contact John Briney, PSPRS Enterprise Systems Architect by email ([email protected]) or call 602-296-3738 with questions concerning this matter.

Sample Employer Payroll File

SB 1428 Payroll and Contribution Changes

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