PSPRS CIO nominated for prestigious award

April 26, 2016

Public Safety Personnel Retirement System
State of Arizona

April 26, 2016
Contact: Christian Palmer
Phone: 602-296-3736

PSPRS CIO nominated for prestigious award
Ryan Parham nominated by peers for Institutional Investor accolade

PHOENIX – Ryan Parham, chief investment officer of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System, has been nominated for a prestigious honor awarded by Institutional Investor magazine.

Parham, who has led the investment strategy of PSPRS since 2007, was recognized by peer investors for his reorganization of the now $8 billion public safety retirement portfolio. Once an “80/20” portfolio consisting of publicly traded stocks and fixed income bonds, PSPRS investments are now spread across 10 different asset classes to maximize returns while minimizing risk to Arizona’s public safety retirees and members.

The Chief Investment Officer of the Year winner will be announced at the Investor Intelligence Awards conference on Thursday, April 27. Under Parham’s direction, PSPRS investment returns have averaged 9.2 percent over the last three years and 8.7 percent over five years, which both have exceeded an expected rate of return of 7.85 percent.

“The nomination reflects the outstanding skill and commitment of the entire PSPRS investment staff who have worked diligently to build a high-performing and resilient portfolio for Arizona,” said Parham, who has worked for PSPRS for 12 years. “Their work will continue to pay dividends for the portfolio and PSPRS beneficiaries for years to come.”

Parham’s nomination follows the nomination of PSPRS in-house investment attorney Jennifer Eichholz, who was among finalists for the Arizona Corporate Counsel Award bestowed by Arizona Business Magazine.

Other nominees for Institutional Investor’s Chief Investment Officer of the Year award include:

• Arn Andrews, Chief Investment Officer, City of San Jose Department of Retirement Services
• Derek Brodersen, Chief Investment Officer, Alberta Teachers Retirement Fund
• Vicki Fuller, Chief Investment Officer, New York State Common Retirement Fund
• Girard Miller, Chief Investment Officer, Orange County Employees Retirement System
• Kevin SigRist, Chief Investment Officer, North Carolina Department of State Treasury

Parham's nomination is not the first time that PSPRS investments have been recognized for awards by third parties. In 2011, PSPRS was named Mid-Sized Plan of the Year by Money Management Letter. That accolade followed a nomination for that award in 2010.

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