Correction and Detention Officers

Welcome to the Corrections Officer Retirement Plan!  If you are a new correction or detention officer (Membership Tier 3) working in a state prison, county jail, or municipality, and it is determined by your Local Board that you meet the requirements of membership eligibility, you will be automatically enrolled in the Public Safety Personnel Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (PSPDCRP), currently administered by Nationwide Retirement SolutionsPlease note that you have 90 days from your hire date to make your contribution rate election.  Failure to make your rate election within this time frame will result in a default contribution rate of 7%. If you are currently an active, inactive, or retiree of CORP hired on or before July 1, 2018, this page does not apply to you.

Important Information

Upon on-line enrollment by your employer and completion of our New Hire Notification Form through your employer, you’ll receive an email from our office with instructions to elect your contribution rate.  You’ll have the option to elect a rate as low as 5% of your pensionable wages on a pre-taxed basis, to as much as the IRS limit allows you to contribute based on your annual salary.  If you do not make a contribution rate election, the default rate will be 7% per pay period.  It is important to note that the amount you elect to contribute, even by default, becomes final, as long as you remain with your current employer.  Since this is a Defined Contribution (DC) retirement plan where your future retirement benefits are determined based on contributions and investment earnings, we strongly encourage you to consider your future benefits when determining your contribution rate amount.  Additionally, you will be required to pay 0.7% to the DC Disability Plan in addition to the amount you elect to contribute to your PSPDCRP account.

For members wishing to consult with a financial advisor for retirement planning and overall financial wellness, PSPRS/CORP has partnered with Public Safety Financial/Galloway. (PSPRS does not endorse Galloway for any fee-based services their company provides.)

For payroll-related questions or concerns, contact your employer.

Enrollment Process

Step 1:  Educate Yourself.  Several resources are available to help you make your rate election; links to those resources are available below.

Step 2:  Register on the Members Only portal.  The first time you enter, click on "Forgot password" and follow the directions to create a new account.  You'll need to use the email address your employer provided to CORP when you were hired.  An email will be sent to your email address to complete the registration process.

Step 3:  Create a Members Only Password.  When you click on the link in the registration email you receive from our office, you'll be brought to a "Reset Password" page where you'll create a password.  This is the same screen you may use in the future if you ever forget your password or want to reset your password.  When you've created and confirmed your password, click on the "Reset" button.

Step 4:  Log-in to the Members Only Portal and Choose Your Contribution Rate.  Now that you have registered, click on "Members Only" and log-in using your email address and password.  From here, we will guide you through the process of electing your contribution rate.

Step 5:  Acknowledge Your Election.  Once you've made your election, initial the final election confirmation and click on the "Save" button.  Please note that you may change your election at any time in this portal within the first 90 days of your hire date, and all changes become effective on the 91st day. Congratulations – you are now enrolled! Contributions to the PSPDCRP will begin with the pay period that includes your 91st day after hire.  For payroll-related questions or concerns, contact your employer.



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Additional Resources

For additional resources, Plan summary, guide books and forms, you may access our Forms & Resources webpage and for the latest news and information, we encourage you to Sign Up for News and Updates.  To estimate future benefits, you may access your Members Only online account, or contact your Local Board for an estimate, or retirement packet.  If you are not certain who the Local Board contact person is, please Contact Us, or visit our Applying for Benefits webpage for retirement information.