Applying for Benefits

NOTE: This process has recently changed. Please use this simplified application form to apply for benefits while we work to update the rest of this page.

The process to establish most benefits for you begins with your Local Board. Your local board is responsible for working with you to complete your retirement application package.  Additionally, they are required to meet and determine your eligibility.  Members must work with their local board when applying for the following benefits:

If you are not certain who the Local Board contact person is, please Contact Us

The diagram below highlights the process in applying for a benefit.  

Step 1: Choose a Retirement Date

Your retirement becomes effective the 1st of the month following your termination of employment. To assist you in your decision making process, you may estimate potential benefits by logging into our online service, Member’s Only, or you may contact your Local Board for an estimate or retirement packet.

For example: If you terminate employment June 15th your effective retirement would be July 1st.

Step 2: Meet With Your Local Board

Once you have made a decision on applying for a benefit, schedule a time to meet your Local Board Secretary to begin your application & determination process. Your Local Board may have specific procedures when applying for a benefit. During this process you will be completing several documents and you will be required to provide documents such as birth certificates, recorded/filed marriage certificates and other legal documents such as divorce decrees and DRO(s).

Step 3: Local Board Conducts Hearing to Determine Eligibility

In order for our office to initiate any benefit payments, your Local Board is required to meet and determine your eligibility. These meetings are public meetings and you as a member are able to attend. Local Boards must determine your eligibility for benefits by the 10th of the month in which benefits are to be paid.

Step 4: Local Board Submits Completed Benefit Packet to the CORP Administrative Office

Your Local Board should submit to our office, your properly completed packet along with the documentation showing approval for your benefit by the 10th of the month in which benefits are to be paid. This packet is reviewed to ensure its completeness and compliance with statutory provisions. 

For example: If you are a July 1st effective retiree, your local board must complete all the necessary paperwork, conduct a meeting to determine eligibility and submit your completed packet to our office by July 10th.

Step 5: CORP Administrative Office Initiates Payments

Once our Member Services Department has reviewed your properly completed benefit packet as well as the documentation provided by the local board documenting approval of your benefit, they will establish your benefit for payment. 

Note: Benefits are always paid the last business day of the month.