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Applying for Benefits


Retirement is a major milestone for elected officials and members of the judiciary who serve the state and their communities. Members applying for normal retirement must meet credited service, and, in some cases, age eligibility criteria.

Pension benefits from EORP are constitutionally guaranteed in Arizona and adjusted annually for inflation to provide lifetime financial payments to plan retirees and surviving spouses. Unlike traditional investment-based retirement plans, EORP pension benefits are unaffected by stock market fluctuations or adverse economic conditions.

Defined contribution plans such as the Elected Officials Defined Contribution Retirement System provide retirement income created by member and employer contributions and returns generated by investments and market conditions. Members should contact Nationwide Retirement Solutions for information about their 401(a) account balances and making withdrawals.

As members approach or begin this new chapter of life, PSPRS is here to provide support every step of the way. Below, members will find a guide outlining the steps for applying for retirement benefits through PSPRS.

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Step 1: Choose a Retirement Date

Member retirement dates are effective the first of the month following termination date of employment. Example: June 15 final day of employment will create a July 1 effective date of retirement.

Step 2: Contact the PSPRS/EORP for a Retirement Packet, or Request an Appointment 

Once a member decides to retire and apply for a benefit, they may complete and return the packet to our office or request an appointment. During this process the member will complete several forms and will be required to provide documents such as birth certificates, recorded/filed marriage certificates and other legal documents such as divorce decrees and domestic relations orders to PSPRS.

Step 3: Board of Trustees Conducts a Meeting to Determine Eligibility

PSPRS/EORP reviews properly completed packets, along with the required documentation. Then the PSPRS Board of Trustees is required to meet and determine members eligibility for retirement. These meetings are public and members may attend. Once approved by the board, PSPRS can initiate benefit payments.

Step 4: PSPRS/EORP Administrative Office Initiates Payments

Packets must be returned no later than the 10th of the effective retirement month to begin receiving pension benefits at the end of the month. Benefits are paid on the last business day of each month.