2023 Annual Employer-Local Board Conference

Annual Employer & Local Board Conference

This year’s annual conference for employers and local board members was held in person on Wednesday, March 1, in Phoenix. Recordings will be posted shortly to this site and your YouTube channel for those who were unable to attend.

Download and print agenda

Speaker presentations for downloading and printing are below
(all presentations will be shared as they are available) 

Board of Trustees Update - Chairman Scott McCarty

2022 Progress and Looking Ahead - Administrator Mike Townsend

PSPRS Legislative Update - PSPRS Lobbyists Doug Cole and Dianne McCallister

PSPRS Trust Employer and Local Board Audit Program Overview - Chief Internal Auditor Cathleen Davis

Pension Administration System Update - Director Member Services Robert Ortega & Deputy Administrator Mike Smarik

DC Committee Update - Trustee Brian Moore

Benefits, DROP Extension/RTW/DC/401(a) - Local Board Relationship Manager Joann Lowey

Disability Retirement Process and Local Board Considerations - Local Board Relationship Manager Joann Lowey & Trustee Brian Moore & PSPRS Retiree Stan Hoover

Board, Committee & Staff Operations - Trustee Nate Weber, Senior Executive Consultant Clark Partridge & Deputy Administrator Mike Smarik

PSPRS Actuarials and Employer Modelers (live demo) - Brad Heinrichs, Foster & Foster

Hiring Process Recap & Changes - Local Board Relationship Manager Joann Lowey

PSPRS Investments - Trustee Harry Papp & Chief Investment Officer Mark Steed

Payroll Reporting and Demographics - Employer Relationship Manager Harold Greene

Health Insurance Subsidies & Cancer Insurance - Insurance Dept. Supervisor Mark Rodriguez

Q&A - PSPRS Staff (no presentation)