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Participating Employers


Becoming a Participating Employer

The Administrative Office of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System provides a uniform statewide defined benefit retirement and other program benefits under the Public Safety Plan or the Corrections Officer Retirement Plan.  Arizona state law provides that public entities such as state agencies, counties, cities, towns or other political subdivisions of the state may participate in PSPRS or CORP on behalf of employees who meet eligibility requirements.  The process of participation is referred to as “joinder,” which is a multi-step process and staff at PSPRS are here to assist employer groups considering participation.  Employers interested in joining into PSPRS or CORP, please email [email protected].

Participating Employers

To view the most current list of PSPRS, CORP and EORP employers, please click here to visit the Annual Reports (ACFR & Actuarial) section of our website.  From this page, you will select to view the most current PSPRS Annual Comprehensive Financial Report and then search by “participating employers” to view the list.