Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is the implementation of the investment strategy and portfolio administered by the PSPRS Investment Team, Investment Committee and Board of Trustees. Currently, the three asset allocation classes are 1) Capital Appreciation, which include U.S. and international stocks, real estate and different types of private equity, 2) Contractual Income that contain investment-grade bonds, private debt and royalty payments and 3) Diversifying Strategies that were designed to broaden the sources of investment returns, add diversification benefits, and limit losses in down markets. The following information is updated at the end of each fiscal and calendar year.

The total fund allocation as of June 30, 2022 was:

Asset Class Value of Asset Class
U.S. Public Equity $3,619,374,280
International Public Equity $2,314,392,153
Global Private Equity $4,195,691,918
Other Assets (Capital Appreciation) $100,289,598
Core Bonds $573,174,178
Private Credit $2,029,529,007
Other Assets (Contractual Income) $551,769,418
Diversifying Strategies $1,597,615,551
Cash $2,778,425,520
Total $17,760,261,623