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To access your Members Only account as an active/inactive member and as a retired member/survivor/alternate payee:

For PSPRS Membership Tier information, Click Here

PSPRS Tier 1 and Tier 2 DB members (hired and contributions received before July 1, 2017) Click Here
PSPRS Tier 2 DB Members (hired on/after July 1, 2012 and contributions began after July 1, 2017) Click Here
PSPRS Tier 3 DB members (hired on/after July 1, 2017) Click Here
PSPRS Tier 2 hybrid and Tier 3 DC members (hired on/after January 1, 2012) visit Nationwide Retirement Solutions

For CORP Membership Tier information, Click Here

CORP Tier 1 and Tier 2 DB members (hired before July 1, 2018) Click Here
CORP Tier 3 Probation and Surveillance DB members (hired on/after July 1, 2018) Click Here
CORP Tier 3 Correction, Detention, plus Probation and Surveillance DC members (hired on/after July 1, 2018) Nationwide Retirement Solutions

For EORP Membership Tier information, Click Here

EORP Tier 1 and Tier 2 DB members (hired before January 1, 2014) Click Here
EODCRS Tier 3 DC members (hired on/after January 1, 2014) visit Nationwide Retirement Solutions

For best results, we recommend using Google Chrome when accessing your Members Only account.  Internet Explorer and/or Microsoft EDGE users have reported viewing irregularities related to how the browser loads the member's data display.  Until these issues have been fully explored and resolved, Google Chrome is the recommended browser for all PSPRS sites.