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PSPRS featured in Private Equity Analyst magazine


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PSPRS featured in Private Equity Analyst magazine

WSJ publication covers PSPRS private equity strategy  

ARIZONA – A magazine associated with Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal covered the private equity investment strategy of PSPRS and featured several PSPRS investment team members.

Reporter Dawn Lim, who worked with PSPRS at length to gain an extensive understanding of the system’s high-performing private equity portfolio, contributed an excellent PSPRS analysis featured in the December issue of Private Equity Analyst magazine.

The detailed report shows that in PSPRS, the magazine found an investment team with strategic vision for investments across the globe, a preference for small and nimble private equity funds and a culture that is committed to fresh investment perspectives and the bottom line.

“If you name the lobster it is harder to cook it,” PSPRS Deputy Chief Investment Officer Mark Steed was quoted as saying. Also mentioned were PSPRS’ private equity portfolio manager Shan Chen and Chief Investment Officer Ryan Parham.

The investment team’s forward-thinking moves in Asia were noted, as was a seized 60-cent-on-the-dollar purchase of a fund in 2008 that more than doubled in value by mid-2015.

“It is great to see our staff recognized for their talent and vision,” said PSPRS System Administrator Jared Smout. “Their work and attitude reflect their commitment to the retirees and active members of PSPRS, EORP and CORP, and to the state of Arizona.”

Retirees and members are encouraged to read the report authored by Ms. Lim, who also writes for the Wall Street Journal