PSPRS Online Services:

Contribution rates and benefits upon hiring for Tier 1 and Tier 2 members.


Tier 1 Members

Tier 2 Members

Membership date

Hired prior to January 1, 2012

Hired between January 1, 2012, and June 30, 2017

Plan Type

Defined benefit (DB)

Defined benefit (DB) or “hybrid” DB and Defined contribution (DC) 401(a), depending on Social Security status of employer

Employee Contribution Rate

DB: 7.65%

DB: 7.65%

DB (7.65%) + DC (3%) = 10.65%

Wage Index

As set by the Internal Revenue Service

Average Monthly Salary

determined by

Highest 3 consecutive years within the last 20 years of credited service*

Highest 5 consecutive years within the last 20 years of credited service*

Disability Benefits

All types of disability (Accidental, Catastrophic, Ordinary and Temporary) for Tier 1 and 2 members.

Cancer Insurance Program

The PSPRS Cancer Insurance Program provides active and eligible retired firefighters and peace officers payments for cancer diagnoses and reimbursements for treatment-related expenses

Line of duty and off-duty member death benefits for survivors

Survivor benefits are paid to eligible spouses and/or eligible children. Contribution balances are paid to beneficiaries on file if members do not have eligible spouse or children.

*Credited service includes employment periods in which the member and employer are contributing to the plan, and any transferred or purchased credited service from other retirement plans. Periods of unpaid leave are not considered credited service and are not counted towards normal retirement benefits.
Keeping track of pension contributions and 401(a) DC plan balances

Tier 1 and 2 members can check their pension contribution balances at any time during their careers by accessing their Members Only account or by calling  (602) 255-5575 or emailing  [email protected].

PSPRS members and retirees can check their 401(a) defined contribution balances through their account or by contacting Nationwide Retirement Services by calling   1-855-297-8228 or emailing  [email protected] for assistance.

Please note that all PSPRS members and retirees can use defined contribution plans available under state law and through Nationwide Retirement Services. These accounts include a 401(a) supplemental plan and a 457 plan. Members can contact their employers for assistance.