PSPRS Online Services:

Tiers 1 and 2


Retirement Benefits for Tier 1 and Tier 2 members.


Tier 1 Retirement Benefits

Tier 2 Retirement Benefits

Membership Date

Hired before January 1, 2012

Hired between January 1, 2012, and June 30, 2017

Plan Type

Defined benefit (DB)

Defined benefit (DB) or DB and defined contribution (DC) 401(a),
depending on Social Security status of employer

Wage Index

As set by the Internal Revenue Service

Average Monthly Salary

determined by*

Highest 3 consecutive years within the last 20 years of credited service

Highest 5 consecutive years within the last 20 years of credited service

Normal Retirement

(age and service)

20 years of service;

no age minimum

15 years of service; age 62

15+ years of service;

minimum age 52.5

(need not be mutually attained)


(80% max)

50% plus 2.0% for years >20 and <25

2.5% for years >25

(reduced by 4% for <20 years)

The better of Tier 3 years and multipliers**

– or –

62.5% + 2.5% for years >25

(reduced by 4% for <25 years)


Average monthly salary x 50%

(+2% for those hired prior to 9/15/1989)

= gross monthly pension

Average monthly salary

x credited service x multiplier

= gross monthly pension

Post-Retirement Survivor Benefits

If married for at least 2 consecutive years at the time of the retiree’s death

Deferred Annuity

At least age 62 and 10 years of credited service

Not Available

Line of Duty Death

Survivor benefits for eligible spouse and/or eligible children. Absent eligible spouse or children, the balance of member’s contributions, if any, are paid to named beneficiaries on file

Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP)

5-year DROP: 20 years of credited service

7-year DROP: 24.5 years of credited service and age 51

Not Available

*Credited service includes employment periods in which the member and employer are contributing to the plan, and any transferred or purchased credited service from other retirement plans. Periods of unpaid leave are not considered credited service and are not counted towards normal retirement benefits.


15 to <17 years: 1.50%;

17 to <19 years: 1.75%;

19 to <22 years: 2.00%;

22 to <25 years: 2.25%;

25+ years: 2.50%

Retirement benefit estimates

PSPRS Tier 1 and 2 members may estimate their monthly retirement benefit payment by using the Retirement Benefits Estimator located in the Members Only portal.

PSPRS members and retirees can check their 401(a) defined contribution balances through their account or by contacting Nationwide Retirement Services by calling  1-855-297-8228 or emailing [email protected] for assistance.

PSPRS members are encouraged to contact PSPRS for consultation services to request benefit estimates, retirement packets, applications for disability or survivor benefits information.