Doing Business with PSPRS


To meet its business needs, PSPRS frequently contracts with outside vendors and consultants.  The competitive bidding process includes invitation for bid and request for proposals.  PSPRS may also elect to obtain contracted services already established by the State Procurement Office.

Current Bidding Opportunities

RFP for Strategic Consultant (Deadline 8/31/2018)
PSPRS is seeking a consultant to conduct a strategic assessment of all key program areas to help develop an integrated 3-5 year strategic/business plan.  The consultant will also provide an assessment of the current and future needs in strategic and operational workforce planning and provide guidance for better information flow through meeting structure and purpose.  Click on the link above for a copy of the RFP.


The PSPRS Investment Department is responsible for the management and investment of fund assets in accordance with investment strategies and policies approved by the Board of Trustees. This includes the oversight and management of assets and use of external investment managers and consultants.

Due diligence can begin months or years before an investment is made; however, the PSPRS Investment Department finds that the process of quantitative, qualitative and legal due diligence can be completed within 30 to 90 days, depending on timing.  PSPRS does not have a prohibition on placement agents, but requests that firms disclose their dealings with placement agents.

We invite potential partners to review Commitee Agendas to find PSPRS commitments to comparable funds.  The size of commitment depends on many factors, such as the asset class for which it is considered, the liquidity terms, and the size of the fund.  If you are an investment manager interested in executing transactions with, or on behalf of the PSPRS, you may make such inquiries using our Online Email Resource.