Retired Members

PSPRS provides quick and easy access to the forms and resources that you may need as a retiree.  All forms and resources are available to download or print in PDF format.  Most forms may be mailed, faxed or emailed using the information noted on the form.  In some cases, however, the original form must be mailed in to our office, as noted on the form or in the instructions; please pay careful attention. For all forms, double-check all fields and signatures (we cannot accept an electronic signature) and before submitting a form, please make a copy for your records.


If you are seeking an application to apply for benefits (i.e. exit DROP, Survivor, etc.), you will need to contact your local board secretary in order to complete the necessary forms and documents; the secretary will guide you in this process. If you are not certain who your local board secretary is, please Contact Us.


If you are applying for Survivor benefits in the EORP, please Contact Us to assist you in this process.  PSPRS acts as the local board for EORP members.


For members electing to exit DROP or apply for Survivor benefits, our office will need to have the completed forms on or before the 10th of the month in order to process that same month.  You will want to consult with your local board secretary as there are additional board requirements that will have an impact on this process.  For Health Insurance Enrollment Form deadlines, please see the Health Insurance section under Retiree for the Plan in which you participate, PSPRS, CORP, or EORP

Since the PSPRS manages 3 separate pension Plans (PSPRS, CORP and EORP), it is very important that you select the appropriate retirement Plan forms from the drop-down listing (using the incorrect form could cause a delay in your request).

Summary of Plan Provisions PSPRS CORP EORP
Member Handbooks PSPRS CORP EORP
Arizona Revised Statutes PSPRS CORP EORP
Common Change Forms
Address & Name Change (Form 9) PSPRS CORP EORP
Direct Deposit Authorization for RETIRED (Form 13) PSPRS CORP EORP
W-4P - Federal Tax Withholding (1 page) PSPRS CORP EORP
W-4P - Federal Tax Withholding (6 pages including instructions) PSPRS CORP EORP
A-4P - Arizona Voluntary Income Tax Withholding for Pension Payments PSPRS CORP EORP
Beneficiary Designation (Form 8) PSPRS CORP EORP
DROP Beneficiary Designation (Form P8 DROP) PSPRS
Misc. Forms
Authorization for Release of Information PSPRS CORP EORP
Domestic Relations Order (DRO) Template PSPRS CORP EORP
Safe Harbor Information Sheet / Taxation of Pension Amounts PSPRS CORP EORP
Special Tax Notice Regarding Plan Payments PSPRS CORP EORP
Return to Work (RTW) Acknowledgment (Form 16) PSPRS CORP
Power of Attorney (POA) Template (Provided by Maricopa County Superior Court) PSPRS CORP EORP
Public Records Inspection or Reproduction Request Form PSPRS CORP EORP
Health Insurance
2018 Medical Enrollment Form PSPRS CORP EORP
2018 Dental Enrollment Form PSPRS CORP EORP
2018 ASRS Non-Medicare Enrollment Guide Book PSPRS CORP EORP
2018 ASRS Medicare Enrollment Guide Book PSPRS CORP EORP
Cancer Insurance Forms
PSPRS and CORP Cancer Insurance Initial Claim PSPRS CORP
PSPRS and CORP Cancer Insurance Pharmacy Claim PSPRS CORP
PSPRS and CORP Cancer Insurance Supplemental Claim PSPRS CORP
PSPRS and CORP Plan Descriptions (2015-07-01_CIP) PSPRS CORP
PSPRS and CORP Schedule of Revised Benefits (2015-07-01_CIP_SOB) PSPRS CORP