EORP Updates

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  • Attention Employers and Local Boards!

    We are proud to present to you the Employers & Local Board section dedicated and designed to assist you with your important roles and responsibilities in the PSPRS!  We encourage you to ...

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  • Increases and Adjustments

    In May 2016 Arizona voters passed Proposition 124 which changed the way in which increases are calculated for the members in the Public Safety retirement system – this Proposition did NOT affect...

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  • Service Purchase Calculation to Change 7/1/2017

    If you are considering purchasing credited service through a lump-sum payment, or Payroll Deduction Agreement (PDA), it is important that you understand that a new calculation method will begin on Jul...

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  • Newly Appointed Elected Officials Without EORP or ASRS Accounts:

    Any newly appointed elected official that does not have an existing active, inactive or retired account with the EORP or the ASRS must pay into the Elected Officials’ Defined Contribution Retire...

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