PSPRS Executive Team

The PSPRS Executive Team ensures the efficient execution of the day-to-day operations of the PSPRS Administrative Office and is dedicated to administering all directives established by the PSPRS Board of Trustees.


Deputy Administrator

Chief Investment Officer

Deputy CIO & Chief of Staff

Jared A. Smout

Dave DeJonge

Ryan Parham

Mark Steed


Jared A. SmoutAdministrator

Jared started working at PSPRS in 1992 and has managed or held positions in every department within the organization. In doing so, Jared gained an unrivaled depth of knowledge and experience that serves membership, employers, local boards and the public well. Appointed as Administrator in August 2015, Jared is responsible for the day-to-day management of PSPRS, including oversight of budgeting, staffing, active member and retiree services, local board services, legal, accounting, information technology and investment operations. To PSPRS staff, government policy analysts and the public alike, Jared is known for his ability to immediately answer almost every question related to the retirement plans and programs entrusted to his care. He currently serves as Vice Chair of the newly created PSPRS Defined Contribution Committee and was also recently appointed to the City of Phoenix Healthcare Benefit Trust Board. He resides in Fountain Hills with Lydia, his beloved wife of more than 20 years, and their four children.

• Bachelor of Science, Accountancy, magna cum laude (W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University)
• Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems, magna cum laude (W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University)
• Master of Science, Information Management (W.P. Carey School of Business, ASU)
• Master of Public Administration (Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University)
• Certified Public Accountant

Dave DeJonge – Deputy Administrator

Dave began his public pension career at PSPRS in 1985 and moved to Minnesota to become the Public Employees Retirement Association’s chief financial officer in 1996. He became the assistant executive director of the Minnesota plan in 2001 and was responsible for the internal operations of the agency before becoming the interim executive director in 2015. In 2016, Dave moved back to Arizona to become the deputy administrator for PSPRS.

Dave is a member of the Government Finance Officers Association Special Review Executive Committee and is a board member and past-president of the Public Pension Financial Forum (P2F2), a national association of chief financial officers and finance staff of public pension plans from across the country. He also sat on Governmental Accounting Standards Board’s implementation guide advisory committee for GASB Statements 67 and 68, as well as the Pension Communication Resource Group coordinated by GASB.

• MBA (Arizona State University)
• Undergraduate in Business Administration and Music Education (Concordia College)
• Certified Government Financial Manager
• Certified Treasury Professional

Ryan Parham – Chief Investment Officer

Since 2004, Ryan has been the Chief Investment Officer for the PSPRS portfolio and is a senior member of the internal Investment Committee. He has served as corporate council and director of international affairs in the oil and gas industry. He has also served as a consultant in business strategy. Ryan has more than 20 years of experience in global investments and business and has taught graduate students in strategy and business in China, Japan and India and at various U.S. military installations.

In 2015, Ryan was recognized by peer investors for his reorganization of the PSPRS investment portfolio and nominated for the Institutional Investor magazine’s Chief Investment Officer of the Year award. Under Ryan’s leadership, PSPRS was also one of six nominees for Institutional Investor’s Small Public Plan of the Year in 2016.

• Juris Doctorate (Brigham Young University)
• MBA (Brigham Young University)
• Undergraduate in English & Mathematics (University of Utah)
• Coursework in Strategy (Harvard, University of Chicago, Wharton, and MIT)
• Member of the American Bar Association
• Member of the Academy of Political Science
• Admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court
• Fluent in Spanish

Mark Steed – Deputy Chief Investment Officer & Chief of Staff
Mark has senior responsibility for the public equity and credit opportunities portfolios and has more than 10 years of experience with private and public markets. Starting as an intern in 2007, Mark earned an investment team position that included overseeing private equity and venture capital investments. He recently concluded a four-year project as a forecaster for the distinguished Good Judgment Project, led by prominent behavioral economist Phil Tetlock. Prior to joining PSPRS, Mark worked in banking for JP Morgan Chase. Mark lives in Gilbert with his wife and three children, and is a member of the acclaimed musical group Cinematic Pop.

• MS in Predictive Analytics (Northwestern University)
• MBA (Thunderbird School of Global Management, Jost Henkel Scholar)
• Undergraduate in Latin American Studies (Brigham Young University, Honors from Sigma Iota Rho)
• Specific Research on Private Markets in Emerging Economies
• Named among 2013 “Rising Stars of Public Funds” by Money Market Intelligence
• Previously lived in Latin America
• Fluent in Spanish