CORP Updates

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  • Attention Employers and Local Boards!

    We are proud to present to you the Employers & Local Board section dedicated and designed to assist you with your important roles and responsibilities in the PSPRS!  We encourage you to ...

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  • Increases and Adjustments

    In May 2016 Arizona voters passed Proposition 124 which changed the way in which increases are calculated for the members in the Public Safety retirement system – this Proposition did NOT affect...

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  • Service Purchase Calculation to Change 7/1/2017

    If you are considering purchasing credited service through a lump-sum payment, or Payroll Deduction Agreement (PDA), it is important that you understand that a new calculation method will begin on Jul...

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  • Your Address is Important to Us!

    Whether you are working, inactive (not in contributing status), an alternate payee pending benefits (i.e. ex-spouse), or you are retired, your contact information (address, email and phone numbers) is...

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