Service Purchase & Transfer

Service Purchase or Transfer Calculation

In calculating your monthly retirement benefit, one factor used is Credited Service and during your career and participation in one of our Plans, you accumulate service.  As a contributing member of CORP you have the ability to purchase or transfer certain types of credited service; however, there may be limitations on when and how much service you can redeem.  Purchasing service has a direct impact on your calculated retirement benefit amount. 

The cost to purchase or transfer credited service is based on a present valuation calculation.  This calculation takes into account several actuarial assumptions and demographic factors.  Examples include assumptions on mortality, your years of service already on account, annual salary, your age as well as the amount of time you are seeking to redeem/transfer.  

In order to make an official request for PSPRS to calculate the cost of a service purchase, fill out the proper form and send it in to PSPRS.  The form can be found by going to our Forms page and scrolling down to the Service Purchase/Transfer section.  Official quotes calculated and obtained by the System provide you with the cost of the redemption and the requirements to fulfill your request.  Since the cost to purchase or transfer credited service is contingent on several factors, the cost will vary from member to member.

Note: Both the actuarial assumptions and the discount rate used in our service purchase calculations are reviewed and updated at minimum, annually.

The System allows members to purchase and/or transfer the following types of service (to view the following table from a mobile device, click here):

Eligible Plans and Service Types to Purchase or Transfer


Eligible Plans

Type of Service

Amount of Service required to Initiate Purchase or Transfer

Maximum Amount of Service Allowed to Purchase or Transfer

Form Needed



Prior active military service

5 years

60 months

Form 18



Prior out of state governmental service (certain qualified service)

5 years

60 months




Prior forfeited service within same retirement plan (certain qualified service)


All service

P2, C2, or E2



Repayment of refund with same employer (within 2 years of previous termination)



P1B, C1B, or E1B



Purchase forfeited or transfer service from another Arizona retirement plan (ASRS, COPERS, TRS)


All service*





Redeem time with AZ public safety employer prior to joinder date

5 years

60 months

Form PSR



Redeem prior rural metro contract service (limitations and qualifications apply

5 years

60 months




Transfer service credit between municipal retirement systems and special retirement plans




*The ability to transfer your time between other retirement plans into your current plan is dependent on the position(s) held in those previous plans.

Service Purchase Estimator

Our Service Purchase Estimator is an Excel spreadsheet that will allow you to receive an estimate of what it would cost to purchase eligible service. Once you open the spreadsheet, you may see a Security Warning at the top that says, "SECURITY WARNING--Some active content has been disabled. Click for more details. Enable Content." Click the "Enable Content" button in order to use the spreadsheet.

In order to run an estimate, fill out the information requested in the yellow cells.  The information requested includes your plan, tier, employer, birth date, current annual salary, current years of service (as of today), and number of years of service you would like to purchase. 

The spreadsheet will use that information to provide an estimate of what it would cost you to purchase time today.  The estimated cost will display in cell H24 of the spreadsheet. This is an estimate only.  To receive an official cost quote, submit a Service Purchase/Transfer Form to PSPRS, and we will then use your actual data to calculate the true cost of the service purchase.

Service Transfer

The service purchase estimator above does not provide estimates of what it might cost to transfer service between other retirement plans.  If you would like to receive a quote for transferring service, please contact our office using the method below.

Making a Request to Purchase or Transfer

If you are considering making an official request for a quote to purchase or transfer eligible credited service, you will need to complete the appropriate Service Purchase/Transfer Form from the Plan in which you are currently a member of (i.e., making contributions to) and return the form to the System.  Then, once you receive the official quote from the System and if it is still your desire to make the election, you will need to carefully follow the instructions and requirements on the official quote. Failure to comply with the instructions may result in a new request required by you and the cost to purchase or transfer the credited service may change.

Payment Options

In the official quote provided by the System, you will be given options to purchase or transfer the eligible credited service by a lump-sum payment, transfer from a qualified Plan, payments through an irrevocable, after-tax* payroll deduction agreement (PDA) through your employer, and/or by a combination of these options.  Failure to comply with the instructions may result in a new request required by you and the cost to purchase or transfer the credited service may change.

*After-tax means that the PDA payments have already been taxed by your employer.

Additional Resources

You may estimate potential benefits by creating an online account via Members Onlyor you may contact your Local Board for an estimate or retirement packet. For additional benefit information, you may access the CORP Member Handbook.