Membership Eligibility & Tiers


Correction, detention and probation employees of municipalities, agencies and districts in the state of Arizona may become members of the Corrections Officer Retirement Plan (CORP) as determined by several factors:

  • Is your employer a participant in the Plan?
  • Is your position considered a Designated Position in CORP and covered by the Plan?
  • Have you completed the necessary pre-membership medical evaluation?
  • Have you properly applied for membership into the Plan?
  • Has your local pension board reviewed and determined your eligibility for membership?

If you meet the qualifications stated above, as determined by your Local Board, you are required to participate in the CORP with membership beginning on the first date of employment in a designated position.  If you are not certain who your Local Board Secretary is, please Contact Us.  Your right to benefits will vest when an application for benefits is filed and you are found to be eligible for those benefits, or on the last day of employment under the CORP, whichever occurs first. 

New Member Physicals

As a condition of participation in the CORP, you will be required to undergo a medical evaluation. The evaluation is used by your Local Board to identify any physical or mental conditions that exist prior to your participation in the CORP that may be referenced in the future should you need to apply for disability benefits. These pre-existing conditions may prevent you from becoming eligible for future disability benefits and, refusal to participate in this evaluation, will forfeit your eligibility for any potential disability benefits.

Membership Tiers

Once you become a member of the CORP, your membership is designated as Tier 1, 2 or 3 based on your membership date, which determines your eligibility for retirement and other benefits:

Tier 1 Members

DB Plan Only

Tier 2 Members

DB Plan Only

Tier 3 Members¹

DB and DC Plans

Hired into CORP position before January 1, 2012

Hired into CORP position on/after January 1, 2012

Hired into CORP position on/after July 1, 2018

¹Pension Reform under SB1442 (2017)

For an outline of the differences between the membership tiers, benefit eligibility, options, and other System-related information, see CORP Matrix of Plan Provisions.  This outline does not apply to the PSPRS or EORP membership.

Additional Resources

For additional benefit information, you may access the CORP Member Handbook and for personal account information, you may access your account via Members Only.