Payment Schedule

PSPRS issues the monthly benefit payments on the last business day of each month and, while the payments are sent to the post office and financial institutions prior to the last business day, we need to allow time for the payments to be routed to you and posted to your account each month. 

If your payment is sent as a physical check to your mailing address, for security and efficiency purposes, it is recommended that you elect direct deposit by making this change on-line in your Members Only account, or you may access the direct deposit form from the Forms and Resources section of our website and return it by mail, fax, or scan/email.  


Payments are dated the last business day of each month for that same month.  For example, if the payment is dated December 31, it represents payment for December 1.


Thursday - January 31

  Thursday - February 28

 Friday - March 29

Tuesday - April 30

 Friday - May 31

 Friday - June 28

Wednesday – July 31

Friday – August 30

Monday – September 30

Thursday – October 31

Friday – November 29

Tuesday – December 31