Integrity Hotline

Report Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Unethical Behavior

The Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) is committed to maintaining an ethical culture and environment. PSPRS offers reporting mechanisms and investigative services to detect and respond to potential or suspected allegations of fraud, waste, abuse and unethical behavior associated with PSPRS-managed retirement plans and administration.

The Integrity Hotline may be used by all PSPRS stakeholders to report potential or suspected fraud, waste, abuse and unethical behavior. All reports received will be investigated in good faith.

Examples of reportable incidents include, but are not limited to:


Intentional deception, misrepresentation, or omissions that deceive others and deprive PSPRS and its members of their resources or rights. Fraud can be committed by persons who are internal or external to PSPRS. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Contract fraud
  • Falsifying records, such as time-sheets or expense claims
  • Financial statement or financial reporting fraud
  • Intentional internal control breech
  • Retirement benefit eligibility fraud
  • Submitting invoices for fictitious goods or services
  • Theft of money, services, equipment or other assets
  • Use of PSPRS property for personal gain


Intentional waste or careless management of resources to the detriment (or potential detriment) of PSPRS. Waste also includes incurring unnecessary costs resulting from inefficient or ineffective practices, systems or controls. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to reuse or recycle major resources
  • Inappropriate use or waste of PSPRS resources
  • Making unnecessary purchases
  • Purchasing supplies, goods or services at inflated prices


Practices that are inconsistent with sound fiscal and business practices, and result in unnecessary costs. Abuse includes misusing one’s position or authority. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing retirement benefits to ineligible individuals
  • Unauthorized disclosure of confidential or proprietary information

Unethical Behavior

Behavior that is significantly deficient or improper when compared to behavior that a prudent person would consider reasonable and necessary in the circumstances. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Accepting or soliciting bribes, kickbacks or items of value
  • Complicity and/or abetting fraud, theft and/or misuse of funds
  • Undisclosed conflicts of interest
  • Improper business activity
  • Violations of laws, regulations, policies and/or procedures


This hotline is for reporting unethical behavior, or acts of fraud, waste or abuse. Please do NOT use the PSPRS Integrity Hotline to report:

  • Personnel matters* such as, but not limited to, disputes, discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Such matters should be reported to appropriate employer contacts, state or federal authorities.
  • Complaints against private businesses that do not involve PSPRS operations, resources or employees.
*Please note that Arizona Department of Administration State Personnel rules, AAC R2-5A-901, and PSPRS policy prohibit use of state time or equipment for the preparation of HR complaints and impose deadlines for filing complaints.

How to report fraud, waste, abuse and unethical behavior:

Please be as specific as possible when reporting and include the following information when using the Integrity Hotline:

  • Nature of the incident
  • Names of persons potentially involved
  • Names of persons who may have knowledge of the matter
  • Dates, times, locations and detail of the incident
  • Available evidence or documentation
  • Any additional information that will aid investigation

Please do not email or attach documents containing sensitive information, such as, but not limited to, social security numbers, financial account information, or medical records, without specific instruction from PSPRS Compliance or Internal Audit.

For anonymous submissions, please use the PSPRS telephone voicemail option or the online form. To see the official Fraud, Waste and Abuse Policy click here.

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