2024 Employer-Local Board Conference

Employer & Local Board Conference

This year’s annual conference for employers and local board members was held on Wednesday, March 6, at the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel & Spa in Glendale. Links to the agenda, video recordings and meeting materials are below.

Board of Trustees at 2023 Employer-Local Board Conference
Download and print agenda | Video Playlist

Speaker presentations:

Introduction, Board and Agency Update - Chairman Scott McCarty  Video  |  Presentation

Why Pensions Matter: Talking to Members - Administrator Mike Townsend  Video  |  Presentation

PSPRS Legislative Update - PSPRS Lobbyists Doug Cole and Dianne McCallister  Video  |  Presentation

Pension Administration System Update - Director Member Services Robert Ortega  Video  |  Presentation

PSPRS DC Plan - Trustee Daren Wunderle  Video  |  Presentation

Board of Trustees Update  Video

Local Board Operations and Duties
 - Local Board Relationship Manager Joann Lowey  Video  |  Presentation

PSPRS-Plan Retirements & Disabilities - Local Board Relationship Manager Joann Lowey  Video  |  Presentation

Local Board Disability Application Considerations (rehearings, PSPRS oversight) - Trustee Nate Weber and Assistant Administrator & General Counsel Bret Parke  Video  |  Presentation

Payroll Reporting and Demographics - Employer Relationship Manager Harold Greene  Video  |  Presentation
Reading Actuarials and Employer Modelers - Senior Executives Clark Partridge & Fletcher Montzingo  Video  |  Presentation

PSPRS Investments - Trustee Harry Papp & Chief Investment Officer Mark Steed  Video  |  Presentation

Cancer Insurance & Health Insurance Subsidies - Administrator Mike Townsend & Insurance Dept. Supervisor Mark Rodriguez  Video  |  Presentation

Tier 3 Member Enrollment & Benefits - Director Member Services Robert Ortega   Video  |  Presentation